Eggomatic Online Pokie Review

Nope, you’re not going to find another pokie quite like Eggomatic by NetEnt. It’s different in so many respects that you’ll forget you’re even playing a pokie. Set inside a highly advanced robot factory, with robot chickens, you have to get your hands on four specific eggs. Take note that this pokie is perfect for players who want something else than the typical experience.


The first thing you’ll notice is the depressed look on all the faces of the chickens. The production of eggs is relatively low and apparently morale as well. This is definitely one of the fun aspects of the pokie, because how often do you see a depressed robot chicken? The second thing you’ll notice is the egg dispenser on the right along with a conveyor belt at the top. These form part of the main feature and will be explained shortly. The graphics are simply amazing and thoroughly entertaining.

Based on a 5 reel, 20 payline system, the betting starts at 20c and can go up to $200. The main idea is to crack the eggs that come from the dispenser. But these aren’t just any eggs. Each egg has a different way of rewarding you. These are the eggs you can expect to get:

– Spreading Wilds Egg

– Free Spins Egg

– Coin Win Egg

– Surprise Egg

How do you crack these eggs? Basically an egg is dispensed onto the conveyor belt and settles above one of the reels. If you can get a wild rooster in that reel the egg will fall off and crack, revealing your prize.

The wild spreading egg will change all diagonal and adjacent symbols into to wilds, which means quite a big win. In fact, you can win up to 100 times your bet with this particular egg if you’re lucky. The free spin egg can unlock anything between 7 and 50 free spins, but there is something better. With every free spin a egg is dispensed. This means you can trigger more free spins, or get one of the other features to increase your winnings. The surprise egg can represent either the wild spreading, free spin or coin win egg. This obviously happens at random.

As mentioned in the begging, there isn’t another pokie like this and don’t expect to find one. The whole principal of the game is fun and it comes like a breath of fresh air. The colors, the animation and the gameplay will easily keep you entertained for hours. As for the variance, Eggomatic is considered medium to high, so you’ll have regular payouts.

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