Everybody’s Jackpot Slots Game Review

Playing Everybody’s Jackpot is like becoming a musketeer. If one person wins the big prize then everybody gets something.

Everybody’s Jackpot Casino Game – Themed As The Popular Television Game Show Everybody’s Jackpot Features Playtech’s Progressive Jackpot.

It’s safe to say that Everybody’s Jackpot doesn’t fall under the “typical” online slot games Playtech has made. You can even say that it was specially made for television game show fans, because this is the theme of the slot. The two game show hosts greet you with big smiles that never go away and they also feature as the standard jackpot symbols, but a little more on this later. Let’s start at the beginning of this rather unusual slot game.

The Presentation

As you can see the presentation of the game is in true game show style. The male host has broad shoulders and a strong jaw while his female counterpart reflects a famous Vegas showgirl. Some may argue that it looks a little bit cheesy, but game shows aren’t exactly popular for their tasteful lights or ambient background music. It’s obvious that Playtech was deliberate with this approach, because it presents a real sense of “easy” fun. Apart from cheesy the word simplicity comes to mind. There aren’t a lot of distractions and the player won’t have any problem figuring out what to press and when to press it.

Everybody’s Jackpot Features and Gameplay


First things first, don’t expect typical reels. Instead, you play on a 3×3 grid layout and 1 to 8 lines. The minimum bet starts at £0.40, which is relatively low according to some games, and you can go up to a maximum of £8.00 if you’re really feeling lucky. But the true beauty of this game is that when somebody manages to strike that big progressive prize 30% of it gets shared with other players. More specifically, it is shared among those who have made a bet within the last 24 hours, although there are some terms and conditions. The big winner takes home the other 70%. It’s all for one and one for all with this game.

Everybody’s Jackpot is a progressive Jackpot game, so one of the prominent features is that the big prize pot continues to get bigger the more people play. There are also some free games to be won, scatter symbols to increase the chance of winning and of course, a WILD symbol. Now the scatter symbol, simply shown as the logo of Everybody’s Jackpot, can greatly affect the winnings of the player, especially if you can get 9 icons on the grid. The wild icon can substitute any symbol except for the scatter symbol. As with all progressive jackpots, it can strike at any moment so look out for the host symbols if you want to hit the standard jackpots. Getting three of the male hosts in a line will give you 250 coins while lining up the female host brings in 150 coins.

In Summary

Everybody’s Jackpot is definitely the type of online slot game that thinks outside the box. You don’t often see players getting rewarded just for participating and it doesn’t come as a surprise why it’s gaining a lot of popularity. There are some arguments that the house edge is a little bit high, but that hasn’t stopped anybody yet, because it’s an online slot game where everyone can walk away with a smile.