Fireworks Pokie by Realistic Games

Realistic Games is a developer that is better known for it’s classic online pokie designs. Those who’ve had the liberty of playing their games will recognize that their latest pokie is a move in the right direction. Just like most developers, they are pushing the boundaries of comfort and taking chances. It’s with great pleasure that we announce Fireworks as an attempt that could make it a very popular online pokie. Here is the low-down and what you need to know.


Unlike previous pokie designs by Realistic, this one fits the whole screen. It’s definitely one of their most colourful pokies and it features a very unique approach you won’t see very often, but this will be discussed a little later. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the best graphics in the world, but they placed a lot of focus on player experience. In other words, they aimed to keep the player exciting through generous winning combinations.

Fireworks is based on a 5 reel, 10 payline system and even though it’s based on fireworks, the symbols are represented by diamonds, rubies and even the lucky number 7. The Red Exploding Fireworks is the Wild symbol while the Catherine Wheel is used as the Scatter symbol. When you get two or more of the latter symbol the screen will start to change and you’ll be rewarded with a fireworks show. While the fireworks are going off across the reels you’ll see a message stating that you’ve entered the free spins mode. During the free spins mode the sounds and colour will be very different.

Now, for the feature that really makes this new online pokie unique, the Fireworks Display Fund. This fund is used for several things and while you play you will notice it growing. In fact, every time you DON’T get a winning combination 20 credits will be added. Can you think of another pokie that adds credit every time you lose? You can also increase the fund by getting a Fireworks Fund symbol, which adds 10 credits.

But the best part is still to come, because the bonus game plays out as a fireworks display show. The bonus amount you can add to your total will depend on how much you can please the fans. It takes place in London and the first time you enter the bonus round you need to please 10 people. But with every time you reach the bonus round you’ll need to please a bigger crowd. How do you please the crowd? Well, everything depends on you, because you need to choose the show and you have to fund it through the Fireworks Fund. Basically, it all comes down to the display you choose and the amount you invest.

In our personal opinion, the fireworks display fund and the bonus round is definitely a game changer. Not only did Realistic make the transition to full screen games, but they’ve upped the level for every popular online pokie out there.