Hangover slots machine – a fun video slot inspired by The Hangover movies

Join The Hangover team on their journey of discovery while making some money

IGT is the name behind this blockbuster slot game and it is sure to keep fans of the movie entertained for hours. All the favorite characters are there and the theme is nothing short of precise. IGT didn’t waste any time to get their hands on the rights, which they utilized to the full extent. With great attention to detail it’s no wonder why the slot game is sharing the same success of the movie.

The Craziest Movie Theme

Do you remember Mr. Chow? He’s the Chinese gangster boss that added a profound sense of hilarity to the movie and IGT thought it would be best to make him the host of the game. You’ll be hearing his voice quite a bit, but you will also get to see the 4 main characters. Doug, Stu, Phil and Alan form the center of the game and get ready to laugh some more while listening to the voice overs and video clips. This is probably one of the big reasons why the slot game is so popular, because the soundtrack and small touches are very authentic. As for the visual aspects fans won’t be disappointed. There are ambient Vegas lights all over the place and the signs speak of true Vegas style.

Hangover Gameplay

The main characters might have had a hard time making sense of what they did the night before, but it won’t be hard for the player to get comfortable with the game. There is nothing that is too complicated and it features 5 reels along with 40 paylines. It also features a multi play mode where the players can engage in 4 games at one time. IGT placed a lot of focus on making the slot game for those who regularly try their luck at the casino, because the minimum bet is only 1 cent. However, all the bonus rounds can really add up to a substantial win.

Bonus Rounds and Symbols

As you may have guessed, the main characters make symbol appearances. But you can also expect to find Stu’s missing tooth, Alan’s satchel, the tiger they stole from the heavy weight champ Mike Tyson and the baby that appeared out of nowhere. Throw in some liquor and you have a game combination that will have you laughing as you entertain lady luck. Keep an eye out for the Casino Chip symbol because it can land randomly and increase your winnings. In terms of free spins, a player can get up to 8.


Fans of the movie will no doubt enjoy the entertaining bonus rounds. There are 4 of them and the one that will most likely be your favorite is where Alan gets shocked by the stun gun. How much a player can win depends on the amount of time the buzzer is held. The other bonus rounds consist of choosing the right tooth that Stu lost, uncovering Doug from a line of masked men and choosing between objects inside a luxury hotel room.

In Summary

IGT did a fantastic job of keeping the character of the film present in the game. It’s easy to understand, hilarious and it looks amazing. Once this slot game goes online then it will probably become available in all major casinos.