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The 5 best video poker games of all time

Long before online poker became a mainstream form of entertainment in the gambling industry – around the 1970s – poker machines hit land-based casino joints, pubs & bars and they ruled the popular games scene for a good while. Once the online versions of poker machines hit the market their popularity has not declined much. In this short article, we will be talking about the top video poker games you can play at the some of the most popular Australian online casinos.

Why play online video poker when you can just play normal poker?

Video poker games combine the convenience combination and instant gratification of both online poker and video slots (or shall we say video pokies). This is pretty much a solution which takes the best of both worlds – not quite pokies, not quite poker… but a little bit of both. A hassle-free way of hitting a potentially serious prize while not having to get into the complicated setup for an online poker session with real players, multiple betting rounds and blind requirements.

One of the advantages of playing most online video poker games is that there is usually only 1 betting round followed by 2 dealing rounds and you are not playing against multiple other players. Instead, you only play against the casino software that has a pre-configured winning rate (RTP – Return to Player) and random algorithms ensure that you win regularly. If you think about it, when you are just starting out as a newbie, it may be more beneficial to practice on video pokers and become familiar with the basics of online poker instead of playing at actual poker tables where you may be outsmarted by better players. Many people find the video version of poker a lot less intimidating than participating in a poker table and gambling with real players.

Playing video poker online doesn’t require any special skills and it’s amazingly friendly to new poker players. Strategy and decisions of live poker are still strongly involved in the game but there’s no pressure of trying to read your opponents “poker face” and figure out their next move.

Some of the selected Australian casinos offer video poker machines with the chance to win progressive jackpots which means there are truly huge amounts up for grabs.

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As a result, each Australian online casino has many dedicated players who love the thrill of trying to build the best hand to win real money. Deep knowledge of poker is not necessary to play Australian online video poker, and if you are rusty on the rules you can always try out the game for free before diving into a real money poker game online in Australia.

You will be delighted to hear about the huge selection of video poker variations that we are going to list here which you can play at most Aussie online casinos.

Top 5 most common poker game variants

1. Jacks or Better


This video poker game pays out whenever you get at least a pair of Jacks. it’s among the most basic of video poker variations. You simply need to hold a hand with Jacks or Better to get a win.

2. Caribbean Stud Poker


There’s nothing quite like the sensation of strolling up to the casino tables, throwing down your chips and taking on the dealer – and in Caribbean Stud Poker, it’s just you against the dealer! Maybe that’s why this game is so popular.

According to popular Caribbean Stud history, it is believed that this house game was created in hopes to attract more poker players to the tables in Aruba. It is originated from formal gambling authority David Sklansky who claims he invented it in 1982 under the name Casino Poker which later was claimed by another operator which lead to changing to its present-day name while being played on a cruise ship to the island of Aruba in the Caribbeans.

The dealer deals five cards face up after you placed a bet. You know exactly what hand you’ve got. Then the house gets their five cards, with only one dealt face up. You compare your hand to the dealer’s and you can decide that you can either Call or Fold. Easy, right?

3. Pai Gow Poker


Stemming from Asia, Pai Gow is a traditional Chinese game that is hugely popular in the casinos of Vegas and Macau and the same can be said about the online version as well. The name of the game translates into ‘make nine’ – which indicates the best hand you can achieve!

4. Tequila Poker


To explain it quick and easy, Tequila Poker is sort of a combination of two card games – blackjack and poker. This poker game is one of the fastest poker variant available. If you love a drink of tequila and you are also into playing poker then a good time on a round of tequila poker is guaranteed.

5. Joker Poker


You keep a straight face during this game. No need to worry about the bluffing of your opponent – it’s just you vs the dealer on the action-packed Joker Poker video poker game. You hopefully find a killer hand – at least as lethal as the Joker in a Batman movie – and to have the last laugh on this fun game!

In Conclusion

We hope you liked this selection of video pokers we quickly reviewed here. Video poker appeals to many players and has many unique variations of a standard five-card draw. The patience to wait for the right hand and the discipline to stick to the right strategy will bring a lot of fun time even if “bluffing” is useless and it won’t be the most successful method for winning when playing poker machines.