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Two New Online Pokies from Microgaming

If you were looking for the next best online pokie games then look no further, because Microgaming has launched two of them in the month of October. Set in the mystical destination of Greece, you’ll find yourself with more than just a little magic at your fingertips. Why? Because these online pokies have all the makings of big payouts. They are already available in most of the major Australian casinos and you shouldn’t waste another second before trying them out. Here is our pokie review of Titans of the Sun.

Titans of the Sun: Hyperion and Theia

The pokie has been split between two variations, namely Hypersion and Theira. However, they both feature the same mystical atmosphere and the gorgeous Mediterranean setting. They are based on a 5 reel 15 payline system and the variance is relatively high compared to most pokies. The high definition graphics are simply superb and it shows in the moving symbols. The mixture of reality and fiction is smoothly done.

There are only two real differences between the pokes. The first is pretty obvious, one features a female character and the other a male. The second difference comes in with the Free Spins feature. When three scatter symbols (dancing silhouette) appear you’ll trigger 15 free spins. Now, with Hypersion there is a maximum win of 5000 coins during the free spins, whereas Theia only has a maximum of 4000. However, Theia’s free spin feature has a x2 multiplier, which isn’t present with Hypersion. It should also be noted that more free spins can’t be triggered during this round.

But the feature that really makes this pokie worth playing is the Mystery symbol. These can come in a 6 stack form during the base game, or a 7 stack during the free spins. When they do appear they will turn other symbols into a single symbol, which can lead to a stake 1000 times your bet. If you are an avid pokie player, then you’ll know how great this feature is.

If you are looking to just play some free online pokies then simply head to our main page and check out the wide variety of free pokies we have. You are bound to find a few that will keep you busy for hours.