Valuable Online Pokie Knowledge

What can be so complicated about an online pokie? You make a deposit, you choose your pokie, you place your bet and you start spinning the reels. It’s quick and fun without any hassles. To a great extent this is true. Online pokies are typically created to be easy in terms of interface and very quick to play. But it’s also because of this principle that players make silly mistakes that end up costing them more than they bargained for, especially newbie pokie players. Take the time to understand everything before you start placing bets.

First Things First

Just in case you don’t know, the bets you are going to place won’t be in any familiar currency. Even though you’ll be seeing the amount of money you have in dollars, the bet you place will be represented by coins. This means you have to set the coin value before you do anything else. Different pokies are going to allow different minimums and maximums, but don’t just assume one coin equals one dollar.

Now you have to pay attention to the amount of paylines there are. For example, if a pokie has 25 paylines you have to choose on how many you want to bet. This is also where you need to start making calculations, because each payline is going to need a coin. Now if you bet on every payline you have to multiply your coin value with 25 to see how much you’ll be paying for a spin. Assuming for a moment you don’t have a big budget, but you want to make the most of your bet, then it’s best to keep your coin value as low as possible while betting on all the paylines. The reason why it’s important to cover all the paylines is because many pokies only allow you to trigger bonus rounds this way. And of course, you might miss out on some valuable combinations.

But if you can afford to keep your coin value high and to bet on all the paylines, go right ahead. Your chances of winning are much better if you utilize all the paylines.

Stretching Your Money

When you notice that your bankroll is running low then consider playing a pokie that doesn’t have so many paylines. Just because the paylines are less doesn’t mean you can’t win big money. And if you really want to stay on top of your spending, then either avoid the Autospin feature or set it to stop after you reach a certain amount. The only time when the Autospin is really nice is when you have loads of money to spend.

It also won’t hurt to check out the RTP percentage before playing a pokie. Casinos usually have this information on hand and you want to know how regularly it will pay out.