What does “Pokie” Mean to You?

The English language is a wonderful thing, and it’s truly amazing when you think about the differences that come with it. A word might have an obvious meaning to you when you live in Sydney, Australia. But it might mean something completely different when you use it in a place like New York City. In fact, you can find yourself on the other end of a very hard slap if you use the term “pokie” in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Pokie for Australians

Pokie is a regional term that refers to something many Australians regard as a favourite pass time, namely slot machines. Or, if you prefer, a fruity. Pokie players from New Zealand should also be somewhat familiar with the term, which has been around since the 1960’s. Of course, at that point it was still a basic concept where only playing cards appeared on what was called a fruity machine. Between the fruit and card symbols that were used it became known as pokie, or poker machines. The reason why the term pokie became synonymous with slot machines might be because it closely resembled the game of poker, compared to other card games.

Pokie for Americans

If you walk into a Las Vegas casino and you tell the nearest lady that you want to play pokies, you can expect one of two reactions. She can either get really mad or she’ll charge you a certain amount that has to be paid upfront, before taking you to a private room. Why? Because Americans regard pokies as part of the female anatomy. More specifically, they consider it as erect nipples. Strange how one word can lead to such different outcomes.

What should you Learn?

If you ever take a trip to America and you love pokie games, then use the correct terms.