Hoffmania pokies

Most Interesting Online Pokie Games

Sometimes it’s fun to just mess around, and what better way to do this than by playing some of the most interesting online pokie games? Sure, they don’t always have the biggest jackpots or even frequent payouts, but the sheer attraction which is sparked through their themes makes it worth the look. Here are 5 online pokie games you’ll probably find very interesting, especially when you are looking for something different.

Good Girl Bad Girl – Hot pokies machine

This is one of the more interesting pokies with some very nice graphics, and it comes from the well-known developer, Betsoft. Basically, you have a good girl on the left side and a bad girl on the right. By switching a dial you can choose which one you prefer. Each side has it’s own unique features to keep you entertained.

Good Girl Bad Girl - Hot pokies machine

Scary Friends – Cute online pokies

If you get tired of traveling the high seas in search of adventure and treasure, then look no further than Scary Friends. This pokie is relatively cheap to play and it takes you on a journey with some interesting monsters. Your mission is pretty simple – find treasure out in deep space.

Scary Friends - Cute online pokies

Tycoons Pokie Game

Do you want to feel like an exotic and powerful oil tycoon? Or would you prefer being the king of Wall Street? Either way, this is the pokie game for you, because you’ll step into the shoes of the rich and powerful. Thanks to the progressive jackpot Tycoon is connected to, you might just experience the high life sooner than you think. It’s a 3D pokie that features a range of special bonuses and the graphics definitely don’t disappoint.

Tycoons Pokie Game

Hoffmania – Some pokies go viral

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more popular, David Hasselhoff does it again. His Austrian fans have taken the step into cult status by creating an online slot in his honour, namely Hoffmania. There is nothing really special about the graphics or the layout, except for the cartoonish characters. The fact that this slot was made is interesting enough.

Hoffmania - Some pokies go viral

You Lucky Bastard!

Do you want to feel like a winner before you even start playing? You Lucky Bastard is the online pokie for you. If you can get past the crude name it’s a very fun pokie to play. Despite the low quality graphics, there is a lot of fun to be had. The colors are cheap, the music is cheesy and you are bound to love every second.

Pokie review: You Lucky Bastard!