The Top Australian Pokies Online: Microgaming Games

When it comes to listing the top Australian pokies online, it’s always best to take it from those with experience. In other words, taking the word from players who have been around the block more than just once or twice. The following two pokies are considered among the top from Microgaming, if not the top, and here they are in all their glory.

Game of Thrones

Not only does it have the advantage of being based a popular television show, but the Game of Thrones pokie also features the original music and video intro. Basically, it feels as if you are becoming part of something very big. The design is simply amazing and it doesn’t disappoint in terms of winning either.


The basic symbols are divided between the four main houses of the story and high cards. The scatter symbol is represented by the Iron Throne and if two appear on any of the reels it brings about a special scatter bonus. If three or more appear you’ll be directed to the free spins game. Here you have to select one of the 4 Houses and each one has their own respective advantages. Finally, there is the wild symbol, which is the Game of Thrones logo. Make note that this is also a stacked wild and dramatically increases the amount you win.

Bonus Feature

This is really the game changer for this pokie, because it all comes down to a coin toss, literally. It’s pretty much a scenario of double or nothing. You choose if you want to keep your winnings safe or if you would like to take a daring risk and double it.

Loose Cannon

For all the pirates out there, Loose Canon is the game for you. Unlike most online pokies, this one comes with a storyline. With your ship, the Loose Canon, you have to explore the seven seas in search of all kinds of trouble. More importantly, you have to find as much gold as your boat can carry. Thanks to the pokie’s colourful graphics and interesting characters, it has become quite popular.


As you can expect from this fun cartoon themed pokie, the symbols depict what life is like at see. The base symbols are represented by objects such as pistols, octopuses, monkeys, crabs and you’ll even see a wench every now and again. The symbols you definitely want to see are the compass and the canon, because they represent the scatter and wild. While the scatter symbols will give you free games, the wild symbol in the middle of the third reel brings about the bonus feature.

Bonus Feature

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, when the wild cannon is in the middle of the third reel it will start going crazy. Basically it will shoot random symbols and turn them into wilds. As you can imagine, getting this while your within the free spins mode can dramatically influence your total winnings.


These are the two top Australian pokies online from Microgaming, which means both these pokies feature the “243 ways to win” concept. In other words, it makes traditional pokies look like amateurs when it comes to gambling. Also look out for other popular pokies such as Cashonova.