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App or Web Pokies – Which is Better?

The great thing about modern times is the vast amount of choices people have, even when it comes to Australian casinos. Which is better? Web pokies or those you can download to your desktop? Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer in this case, so it’s better to look at both options objectively. From there you can decide whether you prefer the convenience of mobile pokies or a full screen show.

App Based Pokies (Download)

Keep in mind that premium casinos usually prefer it when players download the software, which is why it usually comes with a few extras.

– Better Sound and Graphics

One of the biggest differences between web and app pokies has to be the graphics and the sound. In terms of a downloaded game you’ll get much better visuals along with music. Due to the great entertainment factor, players have a little more fun and they can feel the rush as they reach higher slots.

– Extra Goodies

Because you download the casino software and all the pokies you want to play, you’ll be given access to all the features the casino ha