Online Pokie Strategies – Fact or Fiction?

There is nothing like a good debate whether online pokie strategies actually exist. There are those who swear that there’s some way to beat the house, while others firmly believe it’s a game of chance. In cases like these it’s better to look at the facts and make a decision from there, because let’s face it, there will always be somebody who disagrees.

The Possibility of a Pattern

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an onslaught of ebooks and programs that tell you they’ve got the winning combination. According to these testimonies you can make thousands by simply following instructions. But it’s rather strange that you have to pay for a program when the person behind it is already an unknown millionaire. Would you share such a secret? Not likely.

The truth of the matter is, no program or ebook is going to teach you how to win with online pokies. Developers spend a lot of time and money to ensure the odds are ultimately in their favor. Make no mistake, many people have won some great amounts, but in the end it was at random. When it comes down to it, online pokies remain a game of chance. Maybe there is a pattern according to the algorithms created by the developers, but for the most part the house will retain the edge.

What We do know

So you can’t predict when a pokie is going to payout, it doesn’t mean you are completely in the dark. Build on the things we do know, for example the variance between a traditional, land-based pokie and those you get online. Land-based pokies have a RTP percentage that range between 84 and 87, whereas online pokies have much higher RTPs, sometimes reaching 98 percent. From a logical perspective, the house will make the most money in the long run. But if you can keep your discipline, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to make a few extra bucks. With online pokies you are able to see the average RTP, something you can’t do with a brick and mortar pokie.

You should also be aware that payouts for online pokies are rarely big. For the most part you win smaller amounts and with good reason, seeing as the house has the edge. Another myth that needs to be addressed is the idea of raising the stakes when the pokie is on a serious losing streak. Increasing your bet with the impression that the pokie is close to making a big payout is not the way you want to play.

Some Realistic Tips

Yes, you can win a lot of money through pokies. No, there is no way you can control it. Instead, compose yourself before you start playing. Give yourself a limit for winning and losing. When you reach your budget for the day, walk away. If you win the realistic target amount you set out for yourself (while sticking to your budget), walk away. Do some research beforehand and try to find pokies with high RTP percentages, because that’s the only real way you can increase your chances of winning.

A good way to keep yourself conscious of the money being spent, slow down the rate of the spins. In fact, keep track of your coins with every bet you place and remind yourself of the limit. But if you don’t want to limit yourself, if you want to spin as much as you want and you simply want to enjoy the magic of pokie games, check out our free online pokie selection.