Exposing the Myths of Online Pokies

Before you decide to play at an Australian casino, online or land-based, there are a few things you need to understand. It’s unfortunate that there are so many rumors and myths going about on the internet, so take the time to debunk them. You are going to spend money and you will be taking a chance to increase that money substantially. Unless you prefer to play the free online pokies we have here, there will always be a manner of risk involved.

Myth No. 1: Money Won’t Make You Happy

Let’s start with one of the most popular myths out there, which is money can’t buy you happiness. When you think about it in logical terms, one of the biggest silent killers in the world is stress. Where does stress come from? For the most part the root of stress lies in money problems. Once you have loads of money to cover all the bills, put your kids through college and take your partner om a luxurious vacation four times a year, stress probably won’t be bothering you anymore. Money might not be able to buy you true love, but it will get you pretty damn close.

Myth No. 2: Online Pokies Are More Addictive

It’s time to set the record straight once and for all – gambling can become an addiction and it doesn’t matter in which form it presents itself. Just because it has moved to the online world doesn’t make it any more addictive. Yes, the graphics and themes of online pokies are amazing, especially the free pokies we have available, but control comes from the gambler.

Myth No. 3: Online Pokies Are Based On Timers

This is a myth that people really want to believe. Just because brick and mortar machines could’ve been manipulated by using magnets back in the day, it doesn’t mean the same principal applies here. It doesn’t matter what ebook you read or scam you invest in, online pokies are based on random generators. They don’t follow strict patterns. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that if you play long enough it will eventually pay out, because lady luck is the order of the day.

Myth No. 4: Online Pokies Have To Warm Up

Some players believe that an online pokie has to be warmed up first. This means betting small amounts for a certain amount of time before increasing the bet size. Apparently this is when the jackpots start to pay out. Once again, this is purely a myth. It’s crucial to understand that pokies don’t keep track of these things, because of the random generators. The only way you can really understand the workings of a pokie game will be to read honest reviews and look at the variance usually provided by the casino. This gives you a rough idea of how often it pays out and the amounts.

The Bottom Line

Online pokies are real money games where real money can be won, but they can’t be predicted in any sense of the word. Don’t get caught up in scams that claim to give you winning strategies or any of the above mentioned myths. Just remember to enjoy the pokies and retain control when you gamble.